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Featured Focus Sessions

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 3:10 pm
Posted by The Kinus Office


The Kinus Vaad has been working tirelessly over the last several months to create a wholesome and valuable collection of topics to be addressed. Here is a sampling of what to expect:

"Personal Stories of Connection"
An inter-generational discussion on the golden thread of Hiskashrus that runs through a family. Hear personal stories of direct guidance from the Rebbe that inspire four generations of Shluchos!

Planting the Seeds of Successful Futures
Raising chassidishe children in a turbulent world. How to inspire, how to respond, how to enthuse for lifelong success.

Chassidus Applied: Special Shluchos Edition
with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Shluchos face many unique challenges, personal, familial, and work related. In this candid personalized session we will address relevant questions that many are afraid to ask and other are afraid to answer. Does Chassidus have the answers to my personal dilemma? Here is your opportunity to anonymously submit any questions in your heart and soul and have them answered by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, of the acclaimed Chassidus Applied Sunday broadcast that has become a staple in many homes. This session is open to Shuchos 45+. Submit your question to . or WhatsApp 917-750-4588.


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